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Title : Blackboard Vs Whiteboard

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Star Cast

  • Raghubir Yadav (Headmaster Dinanath)
  • Ashok Samarth (Mukhiya Gajraj Singh)
  • Dharmendra Singh (School Teacher Amit)
  • Alismita Goswami (News Reporter & Advocate, Rashmi Hazarika)
  • Pankaj Jha (Cook, Misiri)
  • Akhilendra Mishra (Advocate Tripathi)
  • Manu Krishna (Mukhiya’s Younger Brother, Hemu)
  • Ashish Mishra (Helper of Cook, Gopal)
  • Madhu Roy (Mukhiya’s Sister in Law & School Teacher, Punita)
  • Sonu Sonar (News Cameraman, John)
  • Abhavya Sharma (High School Student, Pinki)
  • Sunny Sharma (A villager, Lallan)

Crew List

  • Producer: Nupur Shrivastava, Gireesh Tiwary & Ashutosh Singh Ratan
  • Director: Tarun Bisht
  • D.O.P.: Dharmendra Singh Sisodia
  • Music: Jayant Aryan
  • Lyrics: Roop, Surya Samudra & Gireesh Tiwary
  • Writer: Gireesh Tiwary
  • Editor: Birju Rajak
  • Art Director: Martand Mishra
  • Choreographer: Anand Bakuni (Andy)
  • Action: Yusuf Sultan Khan
  • Media Consultant: Ekta & Himanshu Jhunjhunwala, Dwapar Promoters
  • E.P.: Rahul Mishra
  • Line Producer: Elite Entertainment
  • Production Head: Hiren Tailor
  • Sound Recordist: Rajneesh Mishra
  • Distributor: Trinity Films
  • Costume: Shital Bhivade
  • B.G.M. : Jayant Aryan & Dev Chauhan
  • Location: Jharkhand and Mumbai.
  • Audio: Zee Music Company


During the course of his studies, Amit, an average student, achieved his graduation with a first division degree by copying in the examination. But when faced with competition for the job, then he found the true value of education. He was also lost in the hope of a job, but when with the help of his family members, he becomes a teacher in a primary school. Then he decides that he will teach his school children well so that the children do not have to struggle to face any competition like him.

Coincidently the school in which it is the first posting is in a very bad condition. The Mukhiya (head of the village), who was also the secretary of a school committee, had opened his own private school and he never wanted to change the condition of the Government school. The Headmaster of the Government School Dinanath has had bowed his knee in front of the power of the Mukhiya (head of the village). Amit wants to improve condition of the school, but Dinanath explains to him that it is not possible.

On the same day, a news reporter Rashmi with his cameraman John comes for reporting of the school. When Dinanath knows that Rashmi is a news reporter, his condition worsens. Amit explain Rashmi that the school was in bad condition because so far Dinanath was all alone but as of now he has joined the school, together they will soon change the condition of that school. Rashmi gives him a challenge that if he can improve the condition of that school in right way, then do it in 15 days otherwise, she will do such reporting of that school that even if the government does not close the school, it will definitely suspend Amit and Dinanath.

Though Amit did not want to accept her challenge, but he has to. How he tries to convert that school into an Ideal school in just 15 days? And what is the result of this? This is quite a dramatic event in which it is clearly shown that if a teacher desires, then how can he transform his school?

About The Film

The primary school is the foundation of the education system. There the children do not go to learn only Ka, Kha, Ga, Gha or A B C D. They go to learn the habit of reading, writing and learning. And if once they got used to this habit, then nobody could stop them from their growth in the society. But it is a matter of great sadness that most of our primary school education conditions in our country are very poor. Especially the condition of the government primary school is pathetic. Crores of rupees spend on these schools, but there is no improvement on their merits. This is the reason most of the people in rural areas are running towards private schools, where they are exploited economically and the level of education is also very bad.

Our film whose potential title is “Blackboard and Whiteboard” . This is the story of a government primary school in which all the difficulties have been shown, which is somewhere responsible for the misery of these schools.

Along with entertainment, this message has also been given to the teacher to decide how they can establish their school as an ideal school by crossing those troubles?

We are confident that this movie will entertain people, as well as a source of inspiration for millions of people. The screenplay of this film is written after research in several Governments and Private Primary Schools, despite the fact that the story is fictitious, people will realize reality.

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