ishq subhan allah serial

In Sharia Board Meeting, Kabeer asks Khalid to vacant the house in which he lives as its a SB property due to which Khalid shakes hand with Salamat and betrays Kabeer. He misguides people and brings them outside SB Office to protest against Kabeer by manipulating the facts. Few of his goons also throw stones on Kabeer one of which hits his head and it starts bleeding. Rizwan does the dressing on his wound. Kabeer reaches the spot again and makes people understand the truth and now people are about to attack Khalid for his manipulation, but Kabeer stops them saying we do not need to be violent. And finally, the situation is under control. Zee TV Ishq Subhan Allah, telecast at 10 pm – Monday to Friday is produced by Dheeraj Kumar, Zuby Kochar and Sunil Gupta of Creative Eye Ltd.

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