After the success release of small budget movie Risknamaa, the maker has been announced to make its sequel Risknamaa2. The film is released on 15th March all over and now still running in cinemas. The film is written and directed by Aarun Nagar.
Coming from Rajasthan, he has so far chosen the subjects dealing with his State and how the people react to all the problems. He has earlier made the controversial film GURJAR AANDOLAN in 2014, which is yet banned after one week run in cinemas.

Aarun Nagar was an assistant to jasbir Jassi who has written and directed many tele-serials for Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Tele Films. For six years assisted him and learnt the craft of Cinema from him. He has also acted in few serials . But he wasn’t too happy with the tele -serials as he found that the people who watched the serials forget about it the moment the serial ends and there was no progress for a director too as it becomes a mechanical job once the serial gets popular and the makers are always in a hurry to meet the deadline. He shifted to films and made his first film GURJAR AANDOLAN. 

When he decided to make another film and that was in 2018 he started the shooting of RISKNAMAA, in which he has shown the villagers believe in their laws and principles and if they are broken then they get punished. The Khap Panchayat  and Honour Killing are still prevailing in many villages in India. But he has based his story on his own concept and the main theme in the film is of the love story between the Sarpanch and his younger brother’s wife. He prefered to take Sachin Gurjar in the main lead and Anupama Prakash in the heroine’s role. Sachin Gurjar also played a double role in the film. He plays the roles of the Sarpanch as well as the younger brother. Then he has Khayati Sharma enacting an item number and Garima Agarwal who plays the Sarpanch’s wife. Sachin Gurjar has become historical actor who have never acted before and acted first time in Risknamma, in his launching movie Sachin has done dubble role.

Aarun Nagar is very happy after release his second movie and now ready to go for shoot his next, Risknamaa2 with Sachin Gurjar in lead.

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