Hindi Movie ‘वह जो था एक मसीहा मौलाना आज़ाद’ New Poster and Trailer Launch

Produced under the banner of Rajendra Films on Maulana Azad and the first Hindi feature film, presented by Smt. Bharti Vyas, is going to be released in theatres across the country on January 18, 2019. The film’s producer, narrative, screenplay, dialogue, songwriter, Dr. Rajendra Sanjay Its director is also Dr. Rajendra Sanjay and Sanjay Singh Nagi. In the film, music has been given by Kahahar, while Art Director Manoj Mishra is there. The role of the main character of the film is that of Linesh Phanse (Maulana Azad), Sirali (Julka Begum), Sudhir Joglekar, Aarti Gupte, Dr. Rajendra Sanjay, Arvind Venkariya, Sharad Shah, Katie Ghaghani, Chetan Thakkar, Sunil Balwant, Mahi Singh, Chand Ansari And Virendra Mishra has played.

01 Bharati Vyas, Director Sanjay Singh Negi, Drector Dr. Rajendra Sanjay, Jashn Agnihotri, & Linesh Fanse
Movie वह जो था एक मसीहा मौलाना आज़ाद Team Bharati Vyas, Director Sanjay Singh Negi, Drector Dr. Rajendra Sanjay, Jashn Agnihotri, & Linesh Fanse (Maulana)

The full name of Maulana Azad was Abul Kalam Mohiuddin Ahmed, whose childhood was passed in Calcutta (Kolkata) with his elder brother Yaseen, three elder sisters Zainab, Fatima and Hanifa. At the age of just 12, he took out the handwriting magazine ‘Narang-e-Alam’, which was highly praised by the world. To become the active member of the famous revolutionary Sri Aurobindo Ghosh, he became his beloved character for the extermination of the British from India. He published one, two magazines ‘Al-Hilal’ and ‘Al Balah’ after one by one, fearing his popularity, the British rule closed the publication of both the magazines, crossing it in Calcutta and detaining them in Ranchi. Four years later, being released from detention in 1920, he met Mahatma Gandhi for the first time in Delhi and became his closest ally.

 Linesh Fanse ( Maulana ), Jashn Agnihotri & Alok Gupta
Movie वह जो था एक मसीहा मौलाना आज़ाद Team Linesh Fanse (Maulana), Jashn Agnihotri & Alok Gupta

Jawaharlal Nehru, influenced by his talent and ojh, considered him his big brother. At the age of thirty-five, Azad was elected the Congress’s youngest president. During Gandhi Jee’s long jail, Azad foiled the Congress’s broken policy once again by dividing the two parties. As a Union Education Minister, he created a revolution in the field of science and technology and brought it to the western world. Look at the fascinating story of Saput’s life on the silver screen, like Maulana Azad, who struggled for a long time for Hindu-Muslim unity.

04 Alok Gupta, Bharati Vyas, Director Sanjay Singh Negi, Drector Dr. Rajendra Sanjay, & Linesh Fanse ( Maulana )
वह जो था एक मसीहा मौलाना आज़ाद Movie Team Alok Gupta, Bharati Vyas, Director Sanjay Singh Negi, Drector Dr. Rajendra Sanjay, & Linesh Fanse (Maulana)

Producer of the film, Dr Rajendra Sanjay said, “This film was created by being influenced by the biography of Maulana Azad. Maulana Azad was a personality whose emotional fluctuations in life and his saga of his work in the freedom struggle was unique. This is India’s first feature film to be made on Maulana Azad. Its characters have made significant cooperation during the film’s production. I thank him wholeheartedly for his dignity and contribution. Cinematographer: Ramakant Munde


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Bhojpuri film ‘Mein Tera Majanu’ starts shooting

In the Bhojpuri film world, producer/director Shambhu Pandey started a new social revolution in the form of the movie ‘Mein Tera Majanu’.

This is a family film, in which Sameer Khan, Vimal Pandey, Priyanka Pandit, Pooja Dube, Khushboo, Shiva Tiwari and Yashwant are in the main role, etc. P. Mahendra is immersed, the shooting of this film is currently underway in Mumbai, and the film will be screened soon.

Actor Rajpal Yadav will be released in jail, his film ‘English ki Toy Toy’ will be released on December 14

Bollywood’s famous comedian Rajpal Yadav’s ‘English Tune – Tone Fiss’ movie will be released in theaters on December 14. However, Rajpal Yadav will not be able to attend the release of his film. They are different from promotions, because the Delhi High Court sentenced them to three months in a check bounce case, after which the Delhi Police had taken them into custody. This will happen for the first time, when Rajpal Yadav will be released in the cinemas in his movie’s absence.

The industry has a special look on the film because it will be seen in the lead character. Let me tell you that the film is directed by Shailendra Singh Rajput, the director of the English Tune – Fon, who has created a humorous movie about English language. Comedian Sunil Paul and Rohit Kumar will also be seen along with Rajpal Yadav in the film.

The role of the three is very important in this movie. Rohit Kumar is debuting in Bollywood through this film. In the film, along with Russian actress Lizan Karimova will also be seen acting. The film’s producers are Sanjit Kumar Thakur and Shivprasad Sharma. It has been constructed under the banner of Siddiqui Cinema Craft, whose release has been completed.

‘Inbox Pictures’ will distribute a movie ‘Aquaman’ in India

The superhero film ‘Aquaman’ has produced a lot of curiosity among its fans from DC Comics’ home. This film has recently been released in China and has got tremendous opening. This movie has earned RMB 169 million ($ 24.6 million) on its opening day, breaking all the records organized by the studio’s first blockbuster.

Now everyone is waiting for this movie. The film will be released on December 14, 2018, tremendously in India. Jason Momola is in lead role in the movie ‘Aquaman’ This will be the first such Hollywood film, which is being released in India before release in Hollywood. Please tell that the film was made for release in the United States on December 21, 2018. But one week before that it will be released in India. This would be one of the rare examples where a Hollywood movie will be released in India a week before its release in India.

The movie ‘Aquaman’ will be distributed across the country by Sajid Qureshi’s Inbox Pictures. This company has already distributed many Hindi films. Apart from Inbox Pictures, Abhay Deol starring ‘Nanu Ki Jaanu’ and Govinda and Varun Sharma starrer will release widely in the fray. The number of screens will be equal to the biggest Hollywood release. – Anand

Music Video Launched Poster for “Crazy Tera”

Jaspinder Narula, a well known singer of the film world and honored with the “Filmfare Best Female Playback Singer” award, posted the poster of the upcoming Hindi music video “Pagli Tere Choi” coming from the Nagpur-based film and television actor “Samesh Gaur” White Rose Cafe “launched in the Westby, Mumbai. This song is being released by “Jee Music Company”, along with actor Sandesh Gaur, the Hindi film “Meeradha” in Marathi film “Zing Premachi”, as a lead actor in Bhala Manash and many TV serials, in short films and web series Actor has won the hearts of the audience and very soon a new Hindi movie is going to be seen. Songwriter/musician and singer of this video is Ratan Ravani. This music video director and cameraman are Renu and Jai Nandan Kumar, and this music video has been produced under “Tarak Entertainment and Bollywood Entertainment” production company. Rakesh S.P., the creator of this music video. Shrivastav and Yogendra Sharma, the Hindi video “Pagli Tere Kiya”, along with actor “Message Gaur”, will be seen in America’s living model and actress “Mishka Tarar”!

Rapper Hiren Patel’s recording of the album ‘Air’

US-based rapper Hiren Patel is coming soon with an album called ‘Wind’, the first of which was recorded at Sana Studios (Kumar Sanu Studios) in Mumbai today. Actor Diljan Wadia was also present on this occasion, who fervently admired the song of Heeran Patel and said that when this album will come among the people, then it will climb on the tongue of the people. Diljan also gave the best wishes to Hiren Patel for this album and the first song. During this time, he said that Heren is a very talented rapper. Their songs are also liked among Indian audiences. I just enjoyed watching live singing in the recording room.

After recording his first song, Heiran Patel said that the album ‘air’ is important to me in many ways. I am very excited about this. India’s audiences are very cute They understand music fairly and do the same. That’s why we are working hard for them. I hope this album will match their expectations and preferences. Please tell that the music director of this album is Arvinder Singh, who is very much expected from Heine Patel’s Music Album. He says that the voice of Heineen has magic. Enjoying working with them. Heena Patel’s campaigner Sanjay Bhushan Patiala said that the shooting of this album will be held in Mumbai from December 16. After that, we will release after its post production.